Sabrina Stocker

Sabrina Stocker is a tennis player turned Forbes featured entrepreneur. Sabrina has built several successful companies, mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs, and was a finalist in the BBC One Show, The Apprentice.

Having spoken in front of thousands at arenas including Wembley Stadium, The Excel Stadium, and the London Olympic Stadium, she has created a loyal community.

Sabrina is the Founder of Two Comma PR, a public relations agency turning the stories of brands and blockchain projects into users. She is also co-founder of Shopping Slot, the ‘solution to food deliver’ during the lockdown, and My Tennis Events, the largest tennis tournament in the UK.

Early Life & Career

Sabrina started her first business at the age of 14 selling Retro sweets in recycled jars and won several awards. Growing up she was a keen player, learning resilience, how to adapt, and the art of strategy.

During her early 20s, she worked full time as a tennis coach and started her events company, whilst receiving a distinction in her MBA from Edinburgh Business School.

In 2018, she was in the Final Five of the BBC One The Apprentice TV Show, where she battled to win an investment from Lord Sugar. 

This accelerated Sabrina’s personal brand, where she has spoken on the largest UK stages, hosted the Pre Olympics tournament internationally, presented at Queens, The Fever-Tree Championship & been invited to contribute her thoughts by the International Trade Department. 


Two Comma PR turns the stories of brands and blockchain projects into users using PR & Media Campaigns. The company is based on building trust, credibility & visibility online for clients, continuously reaching hundreds of thousands of views.

Two Comma PR also creates synergies between personal brands and company brands in the media, allowing brands to become more personable

Two Comma PR Highlights Include:

► Relationships in Major Publications & TV Placements in 5000+ Publications.

► Created Multiple Viral Campaigns Reaching now 250+ million views.

► Launched Multiple Strategies into the USA, targeting national and local media outlets.


My Tennis Events, Sabrina’s business during The Apprentice, reduced capacity after lockdown as it was massively hit by the lockdowns. It’s still running and allowing hundreds of tennis players access to tournaments.

Other Companies

Sabrina is the Co-Founder of Shopping Slot, the solution to food deliveries’ during the lockdown. After being a national press hit receiving 100,000 users overnight, with 3 million page views & 500,000 users in six weeks of launching, it was an overnight success. 

Since the success of her launch, she has received praise from Forbes, Entrepreneur & Business Insider on her ability to create viral PR campaigns, as well as creating one of the most sought-after solutions in the UK during the lockdown.

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