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Marlborough House, 2 Charnwood Street, Derby, England, DE1 2GT

You will not find a more engaging, genuinely caring and inspirational person anywhere else. Sabrina lights up any room she enters and is incredibly helpful. At every step demonstrating expert levels of knowledge, especially with advice around personal branding and PR, whilst still managing to come across totally approachable and making everyone feel very comfortable.

I've been lucky enough to have been introduced to Sabrina on Clubhouse, then on Instagram and now on her live training via zoom. At every step, I've walked away full of new knowledge, feeling inspired and motivated to implement her strategies to improve my own personal branding.

It is worth pointing out that at every step Sabrina has provided an incredible amount of value to me and hundreds of other people who are on their own personal branding & PR journey. This has all been in her own free time helping others and giving nothing but value asking for nothing at all in return.

An amazing spirit and someone you should really reach out to. And if you're an entrepreneur who really just need a boost of morale or confidence to keep going, I'd recommend following Sabrina on Instagram too!

Aaron Hendriqs